Know a Combat Veteran or First Responder Dealing with Trauma from their Experiences??

Try A Unique, PROVEN P.T.S.D. Treatment.

Learn how Equine Therapy (horse therapy) has helped others heal.

Every day, real heroes are busy serving their country and their communities...

First Responders

First Responders Deal with Grief

Military Veterans

Combat Veterans Experience PTSD

...And when THEY need help healing from THEIR experiences, we are proud to serve them.

Alarming P.T.S.D. Statistics for Combat Veterans:

Suicide Rates for Veterans
  • Between 2006 – 2016 combat veterans committed suicide at the rate of more than 16 per day.
  • It is estimated that approx. 20% of combat veterans currently serving experience P.T.S.D. symptoms in a given year.

Source: United States Department of Veterans Affairs

First Responders are also highly at risk for P.T.S.D.

P.T.S.D. in First Responders
  • Because first responders must help and protect people in disaster situations, they are at a high risk for emotional trauma.
  • 30% of first responders develop
    conditions including depression and P.T.S.D.

Source: Substance Abuse and Health and Mental Services Administration (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services)

Our Equine- Assisted Therapy Programs Help Your Loved Ones Heal...

Equine Assisted Therapy for First Responders and Military Veterans

Equine Therapy For Military Vets

We work one-on-one with active and retired soldiers to improve their adjustment when they return home from combat through bonds with our gentle, loving horses.

Military Veteran Programs ►

Equine Therapy for First Responders

We use the Equine Therapy methods to help members of the Police, Fire, and Rescue services cope with the stressful, emotionally job-related PTSD symptoms they experience.

First Responder Programs ►

Supporting Organizations

We are always getting interest from different Veteran and First Responder support organizations. Are you curious about how Equine Therapy can help your members?

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